Monday, September 14, 2015

An odd journey

So three and a half years, a long time for a pop-up project.
Queens Parade is still going, albeit with different shops than the ones who started back in 2012.
Each unit has seen maybe two or three, sometimes more projects, and it's been
an interesting, intense journey of learning for me, a crash course in business and social projects.
It's kind of funny running the only vintage shop in Willesden Green. I often feel it's somewhere in between Harvey Keitel's store in the Jarmusch movie Blue in the Face, and an 80s sitcom.
I made it this way because I wanted the shop to be welcoming for people, and I've made
some friends there because of it. These next few weeks should be our last in Willesden, but then I've been saying that so many times it's almost turning into a let's see what happens next.
genie x

Here's more about Queens Parade...

A Pop-up Wonderland
8 Queens Parade
London NW2 5HT

Closest tube: Willesden Green (Jubilee Line)

OPEN Tuesday-Saturday 11-7pm


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