Monday, November 11, 2013

Anna Laurini painting at the shop. How we got our latest mural.

Here at A pop-up Wonderland, we love clothes (above all vintage clothes!) and we love Art. We love anything that is beautiful and unique, with its own style and personality.
Every month we have a new exhibition in the shop, this month we are having the paintings of Italian born, London-based contemporary artist Anna Laurini. (Lucky us!!!)
For every show, we try to have a site-specific piece, which means that the space is continuously evolving. For this one, we have asked Anna to use the frame around the windows inside the shop,
and she said yes!
We usually give the artist a very loose brief (it has to relate to the concept of the shop) because we like them to be as free as possible in their creative process. These are the pictures of the making of the frame. She made this wonderful piece for us. It will be instore as long as we stay open, and well worth checking out.

Thank you Anna!!! <3 <3 <3

More about Anna online

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